Adam Real Estate & Development Inc.

Adam Real Estate & Development Inc. (“Adam Real Estate”) is a private Canadian company engaging primarily in real estate development and asset management in the National Capital Region of Canada.

Adam Real Estate and its related entities have developed more than 100 acres of prime commercial land, and have owned, managed and/or developed more than 200,000 square feet of commercial properties in the National Capital Region of Canada, including office buildings, shopping plazas, hotels and motels. Adam Real Estate is also proud to have actively participated in public development projects such as La Maison de la Culture, a landmark visual arts and performing center in the city Gatineau that holds a 700-seat auditorium, an exhibition gallery and the city library.

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«…à titre d´artisan de la première heure, vous avez énormément contribué au succès exemplaire que connaît aujourd´hui la Maison de la culture. N´eût été de votre travail, les Gatinois ne pourraient profiter des spectacles d´envergure comme ceux qui nous sont présentés…La Maison de la culture, avec sa Salle Odyssée, récipiendaire de nombreux « Félix », constitue maintenant une destination de premier choix pour de nombreux artistes. Je tenais à vous dire à quel point j´apprécie le rôle que vous avez joué dans la concrétisation de ce projet.»
Marc Bureau, Maire de Gatineau
«I would like to compliment you for the outstanding services you provided in guiding us through the lengthy and detailed process of negotiating a lease with ExxonMobil. Our level of confidence in you was very high from the outset and continued to remain so right through to the completion of our project.»
Joseph Chami, General Manager, Prime Lands Real Estate Development L.L.C.
«In the years I have worked with you and your team I have developed an enduring respect for your work ethics, dedication, motivation and the values that you have conveyed upon all of us. Undeniably, your ability to work during stressful, challenging and complicated projects has ensured and positively contributed to the profits and success of our business ventures…I have witnessed your skills and you´re team´s remarkable talents…it was always and will remain a pleasure working with you.»
Tamim Rawashdeh, Vice-President, Limbour Investment Management.
«I had the pleasure of working with Alain Adam on some large, high-profile files…on the management of leases on a multi-billion dollar portfolio of buildings with demanding clients in a fast-paced environment…The integrity and professionalism of his work was unquestionable…It was a pleasure working with him.»
Paul Barrette, Senior Counsel, Legal Services
Public Works and Government Services of Canada
«…le respect dont vous faites preuve dans l´accomplissement des travaux de rénovations, le goût et le souci du détail ainsi que l´entretien de l´immeuble ne font que démontrer votre engagement face à vos locataires. En effet, vous avez démontré une grande écoute et nous sommes heureux d´avoir prolongé notre relation d´affaires avec vous.»
Edith Gagnon, Directrice générale, RE/MAX vision (1990) Inc.